Location Support

Oct 1, 2022
'Yellowstone' Season 3 (2020) / Cam McLeod For Paramount Network

Utah has been home to thousands of productions with almost as many different looks. Here there are desert lands and mountain grandeur, fast-paced urban streetscapes and charming suburban towns. Wild animals roam freely on a remote island and surreal landscapes form an otherworldly planet.

No matter what your story is, you can tell it here. The first step is finding the perfect location for your script. We highly recommend hiring a local location scout/ manager. They can assist with finding and securing locations. Location scouts and managers registered in our Crew & Support Services directory can be found here

Location Assistance/ Scouting Support

To get started, we have a few options for you to explore the locations we offer.

  • In the Film Locations Database, you can search by category, cities, and styles. This method also allows you to create collections by clicking the bookmark icon in the top right corner of the location. Once created, email the collection to film@utah.gov. We will then be able to send you contact info for the locations you have selected.
  • If you know the category of locations you are interested in, for example – exterior, interior, fields, mountains, water etc., we can put together a location packet for you based on those categories.
  • Our office is able to provide a script breakdown if you are at a place to share the script with our staff. We can find locations based on the script and provide you with an electronic location packet.

Things to know about Utah locations:

  • While Utah is known for its Mighty Five National Parks, those areas can be very difficult to use for filming because of their year-round popularity. Learn more about Filming & Still Photography Permits in our National Parks.
  • If you are set on a specific look that may be difficult to find, our staff can direct you to locations that can double for hard to get locations.
  • Please note that the Utah Film Commission does not keep information on location rates and availability. In most cases, this must be negotiated with the property owner. Learn more about Permits.
  • If you are a property owner who is interested in listing your property in the Film Locations Database, learn more about How to List Your Property as a Filming Location.

For more information, please contact our office so we can better understand how best to support your production.