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May 2024 – August 2024

Available Positions: Extras
Available Positions: Extras

Horizon: An American Saga - Chapter 3 (Feature)



SCHEDULING: Preliminary schedule filming starts in St. George on 5/13 with future dates in late May and June. MOAB filming currently scheduled for 5/22-5/26. Wardrobe Pre-fitting required prior to filming. THIS IS PRE-LIM INFO ONLY, SCHEDULE ALWAYS SUBJECT TO CHANGE!

EXPERIENCE: No experience required to be a film extra but we definitely need to know if you’ve worked on either (or both) Horizon 1 or 2 & what role you were in? This info is very important in case we have matching scenes as well as brand new scenes.

SPECIAL ABILITIES: SAFETY ALWAYS FIRST, please be honest!! Do you have horseback experience (how much?), blacksmith, work with livestock, etc.

IMPORTANT ADDITIONAL INFORMATION!! Please do not rush to submit, re-read what is required to submit. Incomplete submissions cannot be considered! Please check your email for further information & your patience is always appreciated!

For those of you that have worked on Horizon, please invite friends & family to submit with a heads up, it’s hard work! Long filming days outdoors usually sun up to sundown with super early reporting times, hot/dirty/dusty sets, animals working, locations are usually outside of town so must have reliable transportation. General extras rate is $150/12 hours with OT after 12 hours. The higher special ability rate is TBD.

If you are interested in submitting to work as an extra on Horizon part 3, please send an email to with the subject line “Horizon 3 Extra”.



  • Name: (If under age 18, parent/guardian must submit for ALL minors)
  • Minors name (s) & AGES:
  • Contact info phone & e-mail:
  • CURRENT SELFIE: natural outdoor light, 1 shoulders up & 1 full length. No sunglasses or hats, no professional headshots, current family photos are okay.
  • CURRENT wardrobe sizes (if not sure, please go to a clothing store for accurate sizes. Please DO NOT write “small/med/large/XL” Sizes should be tag sizes!
  • MEN height/jacket/beck/pant waist/shoe
  • LADIES height/dress/blouse/waist/shoe
  • MINORS clothes & shoe sizes (again, please do not write “small/med/large/XL” Wardrobe dept. requires clothing sizes on tags/shoes.
  • Availability: Are you available to work in MOAB as a local hire, meaning you do NOT need a hotel?
  • Are you available to work in ST. GEORGE as a local hire, meaning you do NOT need a hotel?
  • Do you have any scheduling restrictions anytime between May-late August?
  • Are you currently a SAG-Aftra member?
  • Have you previously worked on Horizon 1 or 2 and if so, what role?

Available Now

Available Position: Environmental Videographer
Available Position: Environmental Videographer

Utah Rivers Council

Job Opening for Film & Media Arts Majors. The Utah Rivers Council seeks a contract Environmental Videographer, and we encourage film students to apply.

The Utah Rivers Council works to protect Utah’s rivers and clean water sources for citizens and wildlife. The URC has had many successes in protecting Utah’s rivers and promoting water conservation since 1995. Much of the URC’s recent success has involved citizen outreach through short online videos aimed at engaging Utahns on water issues. This has allowed us to build up a professional video production with multiple workstations and we are now seeking talent in order to expand.

The Environmental Videographer will assist in the shooting aspect of URC’s film projects. Duties include shooting video and compiling and organizing footage. This is an excellent opportunity for a student seeking an education on the basics of grassroots filmmaking, western water politics and sustainability issues in the water sector. This job is an introduction into the world of non-profit environmental work and a good opportunity to network with professionals in the environmental arena. The student will gain a glimpse at how film is used by nonprofit and advocacy groups to affect environmental policy.

Skills Needed: Excellent organization skills, comfort with multi-tasking and an interest in water issues in Utah.

Hours Available: This is a contract position with hours depending on our needs.

To apply: Send a cover letter explaining your interests and background, resume and a short video sample to: and CC

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