How to List Your Property as a Filming Location

Oct 1, 2022
King Residence, Weber County

Are you a property owner who is interested in listing your property to be film friendly and available for film, television and commercial production? The Utah Film Commission (UFC) has prepared some information about what property owners need to do to list a property in our Film Locations Database and what to expect when welcoming a production crew into their space.

What is a Film Location?

Utah filming locations are an integral part of the local film industry and one of the biggest assets the state of Utah has to offer the motion picture industry. The Utah Film Commission is always looking for businesses and private residences interested in inviting film crews to use their space. First, take a look at our Film Locations Database available on our website to become familiar with other listed locations and how they are featured. Here’s an example of one of our property listings of a Utah residence.

A Few Things to Know

  • There is no cost to list a property in the Utah Film Locations Database.
  • Once a location is approved, a listing will be created by the Utah Film Commission and made public for viewing by film professionals.
  • Contact information and private residential addresses will not be visible to the public.
  • Location information is requested by a location scout or film production representative, who are then given the location’s primary contact phone number and/or email address from the Utah Film Commission.
  • Once contacted by a location scout or film production, property owners are under no obligation to say yes if the production is not a good fit.
  • All correspondence will be done between the film location’s primary contact and the inquiring production company. The Utah Film Commission is here to offer support to both parties.

Still Interested? Submit a Potential Film Location

Use the Utah Film Commission’s Location Submission Form to submit your property.

  • Please allow up to 7 business days for your property to be reviewed and approved. A team member from the Utah Film Commission will reach out to the location’s primary contact with next steps.
  • A Film Location must have up to 10 property photos to submit via the Location Submission Form, preferably high-resolution images of the property in JPEG format.

If you are not able to take photos, someone from the Utah Film Commission can photograph your property at a time most convenient to you. Send us an email to ​​ with the Subject: “Potential Film Location” that includes the following information and we will coordinate further.

  • Name and contact information
  • Location Name
  • Location Address (street, city/town, zip code)
  • Location Description
  • Usage Restriction

What Happens Next?

After you have submitted your location information to the Utah Film Commission, you will receive a confirmation email. Someone from our team will review and approve your listing to be included in the Film Locations Database.

We receive location requests from all types of productions; small local student-produced shorts to large studio-produced features, or productions with small budgets to blockbuster-sized budgets. When a production company or location scout requests additional information about your property, we will put them in touch with you directly. Please note, a homeowner is not obligated to accommodate all filming requests and site rental fees and availability will be negotiated between the production company and the homeowner.

For more information about photographing your property, completing the online Location Submission Form and what questions to discuss with a location scout or production company, please read our guidelines for How To List Your Property In The Film Locations Database.