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Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch: Season 1 – January 1 on Discovery Channel
Dream Home Makeover: Season 2 – January 1 on Netflix
Love, Lost & Found – January 6 on Amazon Prime 
Mira Mira – January 15 on Crypt TV’s Facebook Watch @CryptMonsters
Our Friend – In select theatres and VOD on January 22

Murder Among the Mormons – March 3 on Netflix
The Canyonlands – March 9 on VOD
Stay Out of the Attic – March 11 on Shudder
Line Upon Line – Fridays on Living Scriptures Streaming
Lamb of God: The Concert Film – In select theatres on March 12
The Chosen: Season 2 – April 4 on VidAngel
Bookworm and the Beast – April 23 on Amazon Prime
The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch – May 4 on History Channel
Mission Stories – In select theatres on May 7
The Killing of Two Lovers – In select theatres and VOD on May 14
High School Musical: The Musical: The Series: Season 2 – May 14 on Disney+
Witnesses – In select theatres on June 4
Babysitter Must Die – June 22 on VOD
My Heart Can’t Beat Unless You Tell It To – In select theatres and VOD on June 25
Avocado Toast – July 6 on VOD
The Outpost: Season 4 – July 15 on CW
Once I Was Engaged – In select theatres on July 21
Joe Bell – In select theatres and VOD on July 23
Nine Days – In theatres and VOD on August 6
Even in Dreams– In select theatres on August 6

Grandpa’s Crazy? – Summer 2021
9 Years to Neptune – Fall 2021


Shattered Memories January 2 on Lifetime
Snatchers  January 7 on HBOMax
Romance in the Outfield: Double Play In select theatres on February 14
The Night Clerk February 21 on Amazon Prime Video & Netflix
Agua Donkeys April 13 on Quibi
Behind You In select theatres and VOD on April 17
Timeless Love June 14 on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries
Yellowstone: Season 3 June 21 on Paramount Network
Wireless – September 14 on Quibi
Christmas Project Reunion – September 28 on Amazon Prime Video
The Outpost: Season 3 – October 8 on CW
The Wolf of Snow Hollow – In select theatres and VOD October 9
Belly of the Beast – October 16th in select theatres / November 23 on Independent Lens | PBS
Dream Home Makeover: Season 1 – October 16 on Netflix

Christmas Tree Lane October 24 on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries
Kinderfänger – October 30 on Crypt TV’s Facebook Watch @CryptMonsters
A Crafty Christmas Romance – October 30 on Lifetime
Holly and Ivy November 1 on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries
The Santa Box – In select theatres and VOD November 6
The Christmas Bow November 8 on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries
The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City November 11 on Bravo
Echo Boomers In select theatres and VOD November 13
The Christmas Edition – November 15 on Lifetime
Michael McLean’s The Forgotten Carols – In select theatres on November 20
The Pack – November 20 on Amazon Prime
High School Musical: The Musical: The Holiday Special – December 11 on Disney+
Dashing in December – December 13 on Paramount Network


Dwight in Shining Armor: Season 1  March 18 on BYUtv
Yellowstone Season 2  June 19 on Paramount Network
The Fighting Preacher In theatres July 24
Out of Liberty In theatres September 13
Love, Fall & Order  October 12 on Hallmark Channel
The Road Home for Christmas October 26 on Lifetime Channel
High School Musical: The Musical: The Series November 12 on Disney+
Check Inn to Christmas November 26 on Hallmark Channel
Staging Christmas November 29 on Lifetime Channel
Christmas Hotel December 21 on Lifetime Channel


Mosaic  January 22 on HBO
Youth & Consequences  March 7 on YouTube Red
TREK In theatres April 4
Westworld: Season 2  April 22 on HBO
In Emma’s Footsteps In theatres June 1
Hereditary – In theatres June 8
Yellowstone: Season 1  June 20 on Paramount Network
Damsel In theatres June 22
The Outpost: Season 1 July 10 on CW Network
Little Women In theatres September 28
Andi Mack: Season 3 October 8 on Disney Channel
Jane and Emma
In theatres October 12
Time Freak In theatres November 9
Shoelaces for Christmas December 2 on BYUTV


Andi Mack: Season 2 October 27 on Disney Channel
The Jade Pendant In theatres November 3
Enchanted Christmas November 16 on Hallmark Channel
Wrapped Up in Christmas November 25 on Lifetime Channel
Switched for Christmas November 26 on Hallmark Channel
My Christmas Prince  December 3 on Lifetime Channel
Sharing Christmas  December 10 on Hallmark Channel
Fatherly Obsession December 26 on Lifetime Channel


Alien Country
American Murderer
The Anxious Taxidermist
Burn Rider
California King
Christmas at Madison: Part 1 & 2
Cold Dead Hands
Freelancers: Season 2
Good Fire
His Name is Green Flake
In The Queue
Love on the Pecan Farm
Mistletoe Mixup

More Than I Wished For
The Last Police

The Nameless Days
The Real Housewives of the North Pole
The Thing With Feathers
Riddle of Fire
Saurus City
Scenes from the Glittering World
Untitled DNA Project