“The Breakdown” is a webinar series hosted by the Utah Film Commission to establish a gathering place for Utah film industry locals to connect and network, learn, and ask questions.


The Breakdown: The Do’s and Don’ts of Location Management

Ever wonder who discovered the filming locations from your favorite films or television series? Location Managers play a key role in pre-production discovering the best places to film that match a director’s vision and a production’s budget, but their job doesn’t end there. Join us for a discussion with experienced Location Managers in Utah as they reveal the do’s and don’ts of location management and how you can implement them on your next production.


Andy Langton - Location Scout/Manager

Andy Langton is a 30-year veteran of the film production industry. He has worked on feature films and several television series, including Hereditary, John Carter, Andi Mack, and High School Musical: The Musical: The Series, as well as many commercials. He is well-versed in location scouting, location management, and permitting for all kinds of productions.  He is currently working on a new television series for AppleTV.

Samantha Mitchell - Location Scout/Manager, ESEM Productions

Samantha Mitchell started in Production over 15 years ago in New York City as an Art Director + Producer. In 2012, she moved to Salt Lake City, Utah and started ESEM Productions. Since then, Samantha has continued work as a still photography producer for various commercial clients in Utah and around the US. During the past 10 years, she’s also built up a large Utah location library and works locally as a Location Scout/Manager for clients including Oreo, McDonald’s, CVS, Red Bull, and Harley Davidson.

In her spare time, Samantha can be found rock climbing, skiing, hiking or planning her next trip abroad.