What is the purpose of the Utah Film Commission?

Formed in 1974, the Utah Film Commission (UFC) is part of the Governor’s Office of Economic Opportunity (Go Utah) under the Utah Office of Tourism and Film (UOT). The UFC markets the entire State of Utah for film, television and commercial production by promoting the use of local professional cast & crew, support services, locations and the Motion Picture Incentive Program. We are a client driven agency, also serving as a liaison to production companies filming in the state.

How do I become an extra?

Check out our current productions, to see if there’s any extra work available with Utah productions. You may also contact a local talent agency or an extras casting agency.

What tips are there on how to get a job on a production?

Most production companies prefer to communicate by e-mail. Be prepared to send a resume with film and other related experience, along with a cover letter of introduction to the production office. If you have no previous film experience, consider applying as a production assistant, a catchall on-set or office position, which quite often does not require previous film experience.

How do I find out about film productions that are occurring in the State of Utah?

Check out our current productions, to see if any are hiring crew positions. If you are actively working in the Utah film industry, we enourage you to create a listing in the Utah Film Directory. Not only is the Utah Film Directory a recourse for incoming productions looking for crew, but it’s a great way for us to keep in touch with you.

How do inquire about employment with the Utah Film Commission?

The Utah Film Commission is a State of Utah agency. Any openings would be displayed on the official state employment website at dhrm.utah.gov.

How do I get listed in the Utah Film Directory?

It’s easy. Just head to the Utah Film Directory registration page. To register as crew, you must be a Utah resident and have at least one professional credit. To register as a support service, your business or company must be located in Utah.

Is there a directory for Utah crew and support services?

Yes. Our Utah Film Directory is filled with local professional crew and support service companies. Check it out.

What areas in Utah require permitting?

Utah does not require statewide permitting. However, city streets, National and State parks, and many other areas under government jurisdiction do require permitting. Please allow sufficient time for proper permitting procedures. For more information, please review our Permitting section or Contact Us.

What child labor laws exist in Utah?

All production companies who employ minors under the age of 18 must adhere to Utah’s child labor laws. More information can be found on the Utah Labor Commission website.

What types of film incentives are available in Utah?

Learn more about our Film Incentive Programs.

How can I have my house/business used in the movies?

Many local businesses and residences in Utah are used for filming. If you are a  property owner who is interested in listing your property to be film friendly and available for film, television and commercial production, you can now submit a location online. Learn more about how to list a property as a filming location.