Living it up with ‘Andi Mack’

By Elizabeth Latenser
Photo courtesy of Just Jared Junior: The four stars of Andi Mack (L-R) Sofia Wylie, Joshua Rush, Peyton Elizabeth Lee, and Asher Angel

There is no doubt the cast members of Andi Mack are enjoying the lead up to the show’s big premiere on the Disney Channel App this Friday March 10.  Need proof? Just check out their bright smiling faces as they took over Just Jared Junior’s instagram story. This premiere date couldn’t come soon enough because according to Bustle online many people are looking for Andi Mack to fill the Girl Meets World shaped hole in our hearts and give us Lizzie McGuire throwback feels.

Andi Mack is Disney’s newest series which follows main title character Andi Mack (played by Peyton Elizabeth Lee) who is trying to find her way in the world with the love, humor and support of her friends and family.  According to ET Online, viewers are in for a ride when Andi’s “life goes from routine to rollercoaster overnight.”

The series includes 13 comical and heartwarming episodes all filmed in locations throughout Utah like Liberty Park, Sugarhouse, the Avenues, Wasatch Junior High and Magna’s Main Street. According to the Salt Lake Tribune, “the production team has spruced up Magna, adding awnings and signs and turning an empty storefront into a cool restaurant.” Plus, the production brought in an estimated $9 million to the state.

Three quarters of the crew who worked on the show are local.  But for those who did travel to Utah – perhaps for the first time – they all left impressed. Michelle Manning, Paramount’s former president of production told the Salt Lake Tribune, “I’ve shot around the world. The one place I had never shot in my entire career is here. It’s amazing here. Probably the most film-friendly place I’ve ever been.”

And lead actor Peyton Elizabeth Lee who had only been to Utah once before said, “it is so beautiful. Every day when I wake up everything is so pretty.”

Though the filming schedule was jam packed for these actors filled with five day a week sessions followed by school work, they did manage to break away to explore. From a local’s perspective it never gets old seeing a visitor’s reaction to Utah’s unique weather and landscape. Check out the cast’s fun-filled day complete with a snowball fight at the Olympic Park filmed by KUTV.

Disney star Sabrina Carpenter lent her voice for the Andi Mack opening sequence titled “Tomorrow Starts Today.”  She said, “I’m very proud to contribute even a small part to a show that has such a valuable message and what feels to me to be something really new. The message of ‘taking whatever comes your way with a positive attitude, and sticking by the ones you love’ is something I really connect with.”

On Friday March 10, check your favorite Disney Channel streaming app for the new show that is sure to be nostalgic for some and fun for all. While you’re watching, keep an eye out for special glimpses of the Utah’s Wasatch mountains in the background (especially the scenes when Andi is in school.) The series will make its television broadcast debut April 7 at 8:30 ET on the Disney Channel.

Contributing writer Elizabeth Latenser is a film fan, mountain momma, dog lover and tree hugger.