Film Day on the Hill 2020

Thank you to everyone who came to the first advocacy-focused Film Day on the Hill 2020! The Utah Film Commission and the Motion Picture Association of Utah appreciate all members of the local film community who make it what it is today. 

Our goal is to make sure those who work in the industry, and those who support it, understand the process of how our office operates and what exactly the film incentives do for the Film Industry of Utah. Below, we’ve compiled some general information and FAQs that we encourage those of you interested to educate yourself and share with others. 

If you have further questions about how this process works, please email us: film@utah.gov.

Film Incentive FAQ:

What kind of expenses qualify for the incentive?
In general, any direct production expenditures made (per approved project) in Utah that are subject to Utah state taxes qualify. Examples are Utah goods & services purchased through a business registered in Utah, Utah resident wages & taxes, nonresident per-diems & income tax.

How do I qualify for the 25% incentive?
A 25% incentive may be given if your production will spend at least $1 million in Utah, and hires 75% Utah residents for cast & crew (excluding extras and five principal cast members) or 75% of dollars left in state, by the production, are spent in rural Utah.

May I count any expenses that occur in another state?
No, the purpose of the film incentive is to encourage Utah as a site for production and economic impact.

What’s the difference between the tax credit and cash rebate? Can I pick which type of incentive I receive?
A cash rebate is a check issued directly to the production company that was approved for the film incentive. A tax credit is a certificate issued to the production company to be utilized on a Utah tax return. No, you cannot pick which incentive you receive, it is determined by the Utah Film Commission based on a number of factors.

Who approves which productions receive incentives and what factors contribute to project approval?
Applications are reviewed by the Utah Film Commission, and voted on by the Governor’s Office of Economic Development Board. This program is not administered on a first-come, first-served basis. The Office and Board may consider the relative merit of applications, and the need to reserve its allocations for future applications. Factors include; the number of anticipated jobs in Utah, number of production days in Utah, local cast and crew wages, ability to highlight Utah as a tourist destination, the extent that the project reflects positively on the state of Utah, and other economic factors that may contribute to the state of Utah. 
To read the administrative rules, click here.

When should productions apply?
A company’s application must be received prior to the start of principal photography and be fully-financed to be considered for a film incentive.


For more in-depth information please see our complete list of Film Incentive FAQs, and our Film Incentive Program page.



Motion Picture Incentive Program

A 20% or 25% post-performance incentive is available to projects that will spend a minimum of $500,000 in Utah.
The purpose of the Motion Picture Incentive Program (MPIP) is to encourage the use of Utah as a site for film production. Utah’s crew, vendors, cast, natural scenic wonders and diverse topography provide a variety of magnificent settings from which the film industry can choose to shoot a production. Please review program optionsapplication due dates, and FAQs.

Community Film Incentive Program

A 20% post-performance incentive is available to projects that will spend between $20,000 – $500,000 in Utah.
The Community Film Incentive Program (CFIP) is designed to foster new and up-and-coming local filmmakers and productions. Please review requirements, application due dates and FAQs.

To request an incentive application, call the Utah Film Commission at 801-538-8740


Allie Russell is the Marketing Coordinator at the Utah Film Commission and is based in Salt Lake City.
For any press and media inquiries, contact the Utah Film Commission at cmmartin@utah.gov.