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Filmed entirely in Utah, in and around the Salt Lake City area, GRANITE FLATS will be the first scripted series by BYUtv.

GRANITE FLATS tells the story of recently widowed, Beth Milligan (Annie Tedesco) and her 10 year old son Arthur (Jonathan Morgan Heit), moving from California to the small wholesome town of Granite Flats after the mysterious death of their Air Force pilot husband and father. However, it is quickly revealed that the small community is more unusual than first perceived.

Taking place in 1962 at the height of the Cold Wars and based on actual little-known covert U.S. military operations, GRANITE FLATS is a period drama with  science fiction elements that reflects the innocent and unsettled conditions of the times.

“The show will appeal to an audience that wants to be absorbed into a well-crafted television series with exquisite period art direction, tight plot twists, scene intrigue, mystery and romance,” said Scott Swofford, executive producer and director.

Check out GRANITE FLATS on Sunday, April 7th at 4:00 PM.