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Film Incentives


In support of the film industry in the State of Utah, Governor Gary Herbert and the State Legislature have approved the Motion Picture Incentive Program (MPIP). The State of Utah may provide a post-performance financial incentive to production companies in order to help develop a strong motion picture industry presence in the state, that will contribute substantially to improving Utah’s economy.

The MPIP is a post-performance, fully refundable tax credit of production dollars spent in the State of Utah. An approved production will be rebated 20% to 25% on every dollar spent in the State. A production must spend a minimum of $200,000 in the state to qualify for a 20% tax credit. A project spending $1,000,000 or greater in the state is able to qualify for a 20% or 25% tax credit.The tax credit has no per project cap.

An application must be completed, submitted and approved for each project, prior to the start of principle photography.

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