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Posted on July 3, 2012 at 12:46 pm

Since 2005, more than 5,800 jobs have been created.

SALT LAKE CITY — This past week the “Lone Ranger” is riding again into Utah’s adventure capital as shooting for the film version of the popular television show is under way in Moab. The movie stars Johnny Depp and brings with it exposure for the state and revenue for local and state coffers.

  • During the past 14 months, the number of film incentive applications approved has jumped to 34 productions.
  • In just a year, the number of production companies filming in Utah has risen from 13 to 29.
  • During fiscal year 2011-12, 30 projects have applied and qualified for incentives, compared to 12 projects the year before.

“The purpose (of the program) is to create economic development, jobs and promotional opportunities for the entire state,” Utah Film Commissioner Marshall Moore said. “(Also) to benefit the economy, the Utah taxpayer and to make sure our local talent and crews are being used.”

Producer Don Schain said that for the foreseeable future, Utah should remain among the most sought-after destinations for filmmakers, resulting in a long-lasting economic impact.

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